Goal Planning

Investing with a specific goal in mind? Or looking for an investment solution customized for you with potential to build wealth? Use this tool to set your investment goals, to view customized recommended investment options, to invest towards your financial goals, and to track your goal-based investments.

Why is it so important to plan your goals?

  • Goal planning is an all-encompassing yet overlooked aspect of personal finance. In the simplest words, goal planning can be explained as planning your future finances in a manner that doesn’t compromise on your lifestyle either today or tomorrow.
  • Most of these life stages come with a price tag of their own and a hefty one at that. Undergoing the exercise of goal planning can help you plan for any of the above-stated goals efficiently.
  • Goal planning is an exercise most of us should undertake to sail smoothly through the course of our life. Effective goal planning will not only ensure that you don’t need to run from pillar to post when the bills start piling up, but it will allow you to embrace every phase of your life without any worries or double thoughts

How can Financial Plan 360 help you achieve your goals?

  • The tool has been designed keeping your financial concerns in mind. It is not only easy to use but will also help you stay the course of your financial dreams. It can be used to fulfil any of the above life events or even to mobilise your liquid assets in a more-rewarding manner.
  • Financial Plan 360 takes in to account your current income, your life goal/s, and the number of years you have to achieve it. By the end of the process, you will not only have a clear idea as to how much you need to save and invest, but even where you need to invest.
  • You can use Financial Plan 360 to set your investment goals; view personalised and recommended investment options; invest towards your financial goals; and to track your goal-based investments.